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Has your friend created a recover registry, disaster registry, or are they having a disaster shower? Search for their recover registry.

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Help a friend. Search for your friend's registry.


Already have a recover registry or disaster registry? Edit an existing recover registry here.

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Browse and view pubic recover registries and disaster registries. Public recover registries can be found here.

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What is a Recover Registry?

Wedding showers. Baby showers. Disaster showers? Recover Registry is a free service where charities and individuals can create and share a registry of the items they need after a tornado, flood, fire, or other unexpected circumstance.

For the victims, Recover Registry puts control of the rebuilding process in their hands, helping them get exactly what they need.
For friends, family, and members of their community, it offers a meaningful and personalized way to lend support.

Creating a registry is simple— just sign up and start searching our database for items to add. If you don’t see what you’re looking for, you can create a new entry.
Once your registry is filled in, you can send it to friends and post it to Facebook so people can start donating. Or host a ‘disaster shower’ to rebuild together.

Start your registry

Create a flood registry, fire registry, or other type of recover registry to get the help you need in a disaster.

Ask for Help

It's okay to ask for help when you really need it. Recover Registry is free to use and is meant to help connect people in need with friends that want to help. Start by creating your own registry then share it with your friends.
Donating items to friends and family after a flood or fire is easy with recover registry. Have your disaster shower and get what you need.

Give a Gift

Recover Registry lets you find friends, or even strangers, that need your help. Search the registries to give a gift that they really need, right now.

Rebuild Together

Friends and family want to help but sometimes they don't know how. Recover Registry helps you let them know what you really need during each step of the rebuilding process.

Meaningful Support

Know that what you're donating is what the recipient truly wants and needs—because they picked it out themselves.
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How it works is meant to connect people in need with friends that want to help. It works just as any other registry like a wedding or baby registry. Sign up, find things you need and add them to your registry, then share the registry with your friends. They can then view your registry, purchase what you truly need, and personally help you get back on your feet.

How it Works

If you are in need, create a Recover Registry and fill it with the items you need to help you rebuild.

If you want to help, search for your friends registry and purchase the items they have specifically asked for and need.

Create your first registry

We wanted to help, but we din’t know how. helped us help our friend.

We got everything we needed after hurricane Sandy. Thank you to all of our wonderful friends!

Friends helping friends

CC Images courtesy of American Red Cross on Flickr